Google Starts Fading Out SPDY Support In Favor Of HTTP/2 Standard


Google today announced that it plans to fade out support for SPDY — its alternative to HTTP — in Chrome by early 2016. Now that the next version of HTTP is well on its way to standardization, Google has decided to abandon its own program in favor of the new standard. Support for HTTP/2 will arrive in Chrome’s main release channel in a few weeks.

HTTP/2 will offer a number of major improvements over today’s HTTP 1.1 standard. While HTTP 1.1 served its purpose well over the years, the web has changed quite a bit since it was codified in the late 90s. increases latency and hence sites load slower. Today’s websites are not only far larger than ten years ago, but they also routinely make hundreds of server requests on every load and open up dozens of connections. All of this

SPDY (pronounced “SPeeDY”) added a couple of new features to HTTP, including…

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