Kanvas’s Mobile Photo Sharing App Lets You Make Your Own GIFs, Flipbooks And More


Kanvas, a photo-sharing app designed to allow self-expression and creativity via simple tools for editing and enhancing photos, is relaunching today on the iOS App Store with a new version that the company likens to what a “mobile-first Tumblr” would look like, if it had been started today. Today the app, which has also just topped a million installs, offers the ability to post to Kanvas and elsewhere by choosing from one of six modes, which includes things like GIFs, flipbooks, paintings, video, and more.

The interface for posting is, in fact, quite reminiscent of Tumblr, as you now tap on one of six buttons for the various functions in order to start a post. Like Tumblr, you can also post just text, or you can enhance your text post with a GIF background that becomes semi-transparent.

Another mode lets you take a half dozen shots, turn those into a GIF of…

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