NodeSource Raises $3 Million To Build New Programming Tools


NodeSource, a corporate software development toolkit for the node.js programming language, has raised $3 million in seed financing.

Money for the round came from Crosslink Capital and Resolute Ventures and it’s yet another sign that distributed architectures are becoming de rigueur for businesses.

There’s a lot of money in the toolkit banana stand, with big data applications all the rage and folks like Cloudera and others raising well over a billion dollars for hadoop-based toolkits.

NodeSource’s products also speak to the same need to develop ways for programmers to take advantage of scalable, service-oriented architectures.

“JavaScript is no longer limited to just websites.  It is now running on the server thanks to the massive adoption of Node.js,” said Brendan Eich, who invented the JavaScript programming language and serves as an advisor to NodeSource.

The company already has a roster of clients like Uber, PayPal, Fitbit and Netflix.

According to a statement, NodeSource will…

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