Bottlenose Scores $13.4M To Help Enterprises Spot Emerging Trends And Threats In Real-Time


Bottlenose, a big data analytics firm which likens itself to “a real-time Palantir,” referencing its focus on tracking, filtering and analyzing stream data, has raised $13.4 million in Series B funding, an SEC filing shows and the company now confirms. The round was led by KPMG Capital, a new fund created by KPMG International to invest in data and analytics globally. Bottlenose is the first public and significant investment the fund has made, notes company co-founder and CEO Nova Spivack.

News of KPMG’s involvement in Bottlenose was announced back in December, when it was revealed that KPMG Capital would now have a “substantial equity share” in the company. However, that news was only a part of the overall funding event, which also see new investor Origin Ventures joining alongside returning investors, including Lerer Ventures, Transmedia Capital, ff Venture Capital, and others.

To date, Bottlenose has raised roughly $17 million.

Spivack says that…

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