JetBlue Will Accept Apple Pay At 30,000 Feet


JetBlue has become the first U.S. airline to accept Apple Pay in-flight, meaning customers can use their iPhone to purchase snack boxes, premium items, etc. from the airline.

The idea here is that some people tuck their wallets away in carry-on bags, stowed in luggage compartments above, and hold up service to get out a credit card and pay.

Fewer people part with their portable personal electronics during the flight, as they’re a direct source of entertainment. Letting folks pay with their iPhone, iPad, and soon the Apple Watch, will speed things up and offer added convenience for both customers and flight attendants.

Speaking of, JetBlue is outfitting more than 3,500 crew members with iPad minis, as well as NFC-enabled cases, so that they can carry out the new Apple Pay option. Each JetBlue iPad will come with a custom Inflight Service Assistant app, equipping crew members quick access to…

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