Shakespearing #17.2: Another Interlude, This Time Out of Sequence

The Drunken Odyssey

Shakespearing #17.2: Orlando Shakes’ Merry Wives

by John King

Note: Once more I am commandeering David Foley’s blog in which he offers his impressions while reading Shakespeare’s plays chronologically. This interruption happens to be a review of a current production of one of Shakespeare’s comedic masterpieces.

Lowndes Center Red Carpet

Orlando Shakespeare Theater is among the best companies interpreting Shakespeare in America, and their current production of the seldom-seen comedy, The Merry Wives of Windsor, is entirely worthy of this reputation.

It is one of the gross oddities of American culture that Shakespeare, one of the world’s best entertainers, is a phenomenon most experienced by captive readers burdened by the texts in an academic setting. Being more teachable than comedies, Shakespeare’s tragedies are often flogged upon the poor consciousness of wary high school and college students.

The Wachowski Brothers don’t hope we’ll sit down with the screenplays for The Matrix. George Lucas…

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